Hump Day Hottie – Jared Padalecki

I forgot again! At least it’s still Wednesday. This week’s hottie is Supernatural brother Sam Winchester played by Jared Padalecki. I’ve always preferred Dean, but lately Jared’s let his hair get long, so I’ve been appreciating him more.

Jared PadaleckiDirty works too. Oh my!

Jared padaleckiTongue!

jared_padalecki_01.jpgA happy dad is always hot.

*EXCLUSIVE* Jared Padalecki "Supernatural" at the beach in RioGratuitous shirtless pic.

JARED-PADALECKI-hottest-actors-20778401-1024-768Another one.

Maybe I need to appreciate this guy more often. ;)

6 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie – Jared Padalecki”

  1. The Winchester sandwich as I like to call them. Both men have their own special qualities but what lady wouldn’t mind being sandwiched between those two? Even my 70 year old mother has admitted to drooling over both. Way to go Mom!

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