I Happen to Like Naked – Updated

Update 5/28/2014: Found this on Tumblr. I don’t watch Game of Thrones and I never will. I can’t stomach graphic violence. But I appreciate Martin’s comments and I fully agree. Why don’t people see the double-standard here?

Update 7/31/2013: Pinterest finally followed through with their threats and deleted my account. So if you want more nekkid from Trashy, go to my Tumblr blog, Trashy’s Pleasures.

Update 7/7/2013: Pinterest deleted my Man Candy board, but my NSFW board is still there. Sheesh. Apparently, someone with a stick up their ass reported it one too many times. Oh well. I made a new one. Don’t fuck with me.

Update 1/27/2013: And today one of my Pinterest boards got reported for nudity. Gasp! I labelled it Trashy Pics – NSFW. What did you expect?

Update 12/23/2012: In light of recent horrific and tragic events in our country, I felt compelled to dig this post up again. There are far too many unanswered questions about the causes of violence, and no one perfect solution. But I think if we spent less time fighting and more time loving each other, maybe we could find a way to live in peace.

Happy Holidays.


I rarely get opinionated or controversial on my blog. I don’t like to piss people off. I like to make them feel gooood. Ahem. Anyway, the following post is about something that’s been bugging me for… ever, and I finally had enough. So there.

Last week I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline. I’m ‘friends’ with a lot of romance writers and many of them post pictures of men or couples with varying degrees of nudity and sometimes even sexual content. I’m okay with that. I actually like it, and anyone who follows my Tumblr blog will see I post nekkid pics, too.

Then I came across a picture of a woman who’d been axe-murdered and had her heart ripped out. It was obvious from the content that the image was fictionalized, supposed to be a joke, but Gah! The blood! This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen images of brutal violence on my timeline. I hid it, so I don’t know if anyone complained, but I recalled how often people complain about offensive images posted to their timeline. And unfortunately, in my opinion, the images they complain about contain sex.

Before I go any further, let me say that I am a mom. I understand why people don’t want their children to see nudity and sex; however, I realize the people I follow may post those kinds of images, so I don’t view my timeline in front of my daughter. I am talking about adults who find sexual images offensive but tolerate images of bloody death.

You want to know what offends me? Pictures of murdered or brutalized people, too often women, portrayed as a joke—or for any reason. And yet brutal violence is more acceptable in our society than beautiful sex. I will never understand this. I would much rather see an image of naked men and women experiencing pleasure than blood and guts splattered all over the walls. Sex is beautiful, natural, an essential part of life. It should be celebrated, not shamed.

Death is part of life, too. I know that all too well. But a person’s violent death at the hands of another is, unfortunately, as much a part of the human condition as sex. That’s what I’m ashamed of.

What do you find offensive?

If you’re offended by nekkid pictures (nekkid = no clothes and doing something fun), avert your eyes now. If not…enjoy! 

17 thoughts on “I Happen to Like Naked – Updated”

  1. I read & review all kinds of books, including horror and erotica. I recently had an instance where someone sent me a private message that was a short novel preaching to me about the evils of the sexy pics I had ‘liked’ and therefore they showed up on my timeline. It was a little frustrating for me that people ‘friend’ you and then complain about what you post on your Facebook wall. Personally, I would have just hidden them, or taken that person off of my news feed, or if it got really bad, you can always ‘unfriend’ them. But, to literally preach about the things they choose to post or ‘like’, well, it seemed very extreme and I was ticked. After thinking about it for a while, I decided rather than respond and argue with this person, I just went ahead and unfriended them because I felt it’s what they should have done to begin with. Now I’m very skittish about posting anything and I hate that.

    1. The person who posted it posts a variety of pics. The one I mentioned was rare. I’m careful about what I post too. I put the pic on this post after a break so it wouldn’t show up in emails (I hope), but it turned up on the FB post. Oh well. If someone wants to complain, they can.

  2. I totally agree. Our society seems to be fine with violent images but freaks out over something sensual and beautiful. That’s screwed up. If we celebrated nudity instead of violence we’d have a happier society. Vive la Nekkid!

  3. While I am a fan of blood and guts (more blood than guts, I guess) and the thought of blood splattered on a wall gives me another idea for my novel, viewing an image like the one you described would disturb me. I also don’t become offended easily, but I believe that would do the trick. What kind of a person thinks it’s cool to post something like that…especially as a joke?! Any image that depicts brutality against women isn’t funny. Period.

    As for the nudity: If my Facebook feed contained naked pictures all day, every day, I would be on it all the time! ;)

    1. The people I know who write blood and guts are the nicest people in the world. (Like you.) And if that’s what you enjoy, that’s fine. I don’t enjoy it. Never have. I know some people don’t enjoy sex or nudity (baffling to me), so I’m careful to put NSFW warnings on all my questionable posts. But why does the phrase Not Safe for Work only apply to sex?

  4. I have to hide the pictures of horribly abused, sometimes mutilated dogs. People think they’re helping “find justice for Fluffy” or whatever. But a dog with most of his face blown off from a firecracker? I still have nightmares. Post all the beautiful nekkid pictures you like! They make me go “Hmmmmmmmmm,” rather than “OHMYGOD, I CAN’T UN-SEE THAT!”

  5. I’m an avid reader and Vietnam era vet. I don’t need ‘blood and guts’. Neither do 300,000 suffering from PTSD in this country. As M.V. pointed out, there are people who just don’t (can’t) exercise judgement. These guys buy books that are erotic fiction/erotica and then complain about too much sex. I can understand authors sharing. How visible their presence is on the internet is up to them. Therefore, there is a lot more to publishing than just writing. As a result all writers need a thick skin.

  6. I completely agree with you about the irony of the difference in reactions between pictures of sex and violence. And I also far prefer pictures of naked, happy people than horrible, bloody violence.

    But in our society, you will get a lot more objection if you publicize pictures of nude people than of bloody violence. A TV show like Criminal Minds or CSI can be on a major network in prime-time, but even an educational show about sex has to be on a specialty channel, late at night, with a lot of disclaimers at the beginning.

    In my home-town, Ottawa, an educational presentation about sex at a science museum elicited howls of outrage and protest from the predictable quarters. Yet, we have another museum about war.

    I think the only thing that we can do, as writers, readers and thinkers, is keep writing, depicting and talking about sex until it is normalized, and we can talk about it without embarrassment. Yes, I know I’m hoping for the world to get smarter. But I can dream, can’t I?

    1. Scott, you are right on. One thing I left out in my previous comment: wingnuts of all shapes and sizes come out of the woodwork.

  7. I really do agree with you. I’m no believer in censorship, but the idea that a PG-13 rating means you can’t show nudity but you can show all the blood and murder you like (as long as you don’t swear) is ludicrous. I would much rather my child accidentally see two naked people making love then seeing how Rambo builds a trap that maims a policeman. The trauma would be much less difficult to deal with. “What are they doing?” Versus nights of waking up from bad dreams. :)

    As for me… oh yes, I celebrate the naked body. The spouse and I are going skinny dipping later in fact. No violence here, other then the passionate kind. :)

  8. That picture made me want to get off the computer now. For the good reasons. Not for the crap-tastic whiny ones. Me likies the good sexes! And the nekkids work just fine for that! :)

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