How to Address Issues When Using Bluetooth Audio Receivers

There has been a boom in the sales of wireless speakers lately. Most notably, Bluetooth wireless speakers have taken the lead. However, some people still prefer using their own speakers and to connect by using a Bluetooth audio receiver. However, sometimes these receivers simply stop working.

If you do have an issue when using a Bluetooth receiver, there are several things you can investigate. I will take a look at some of these issues and how to address commonly seen problems. First of all, many people experience dropouts in the audio. These dropouts are related to the wireless transmission of the signal. When gauging the operating range, many people simply look at the specifications which are published by the manufacturer.

However, in practice the actual operating range can be quite different. The main reason for the difference is that the operating environment is different from the ideal environment that the manufacturer has used with testing the device. In particular, usually a line of sight is required when performing the measurement. That means that there’s nothing blocking the direct path of the signal. However, if you do experience dropouts then chances are that something is blocking the line of sight.…

Some Thoughts about Apple’s New IPhone 7

I am an audio enthusiast and recently have received Apple’s new iPhone 7. I immediately discovered that the phone does have its classic headphone jack anymore. This is quite a huge step from previous generation phones. I have looked through some videos on YouTube and find out the reasons for Apple not equipping its newest phone with a headphone jack. Obviously, not having a jack means that many people will find their headphones to become useless. That is unless you use apples adapter which plugs into the lightning jack located at the bottom of the phone.

However, obviously you will no longer be able to charge your phone while you listen to music via the headphones. In my opinion the omission of the headphone jack is a big disadvantage. Another problem that I found is the fact that the battery cannot easily be removed. I suppose the main reason for this is that Apple wanted to make its phone water tight. Therefore, it had to seal the enclosure so that there is no lid which would allow the user to easily access the internal battery. Similarly, it is not possible to add an external memory card which I have gotten …

How to Pick a Pair of Bluetooth Speakers

It is quite difficult to choose between the thousands of different types of Bluetooth speakers on the market these days. However, you can follow simple set of rules in order to narrow the selection. Just read the next few sections in order to find out more.

First of all, you will need to figure out where you will be using the speakers primarily. If using speakers outside of your house such as when traveling is the primary objective then you will have to make sure that the speakers are portable. That means the speakers themselves have a battery that can be recharged and last for as long as you require the speakers to operate.

Also, pay attention to the wattage of the speakers. The wattage will give you some indication about how loud the speaker will become. For larger outdoor spaces, a larger wattage such as 20 Watts and more is typically a must. However, keep in mind that a large wattage will also drain the battery faster. So for high volume you will require a decent battery pack which can be quite heavy.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to luck a lot of weight then picking …

How Bluetooth Receivers Can Turn Your Speakers into Wireless Speakers

A smart phone is a great device for keeping a music collection. However, one limitation is that in order to play music, you will need some loudspeakers and the speakers which are built in to a smart phone are usually too small in order to have a decent frequency response. Alternatively, you can purchase Bluetooth speakers which have better frequency response. The advantage is that you don’t have to plug in his speaker cable into your phone each time you want to listen to music.

However, most models of Bluetooth speakers don’t have the same sound quality as your existing speakers. So why not use a Bluetooth receiver and turn your existing speakers into wireless speakers? That is actually quite easy to do. However, there certain things you have to keep in mind. First of all, most commonly available Bluetooth receivers cannot connect directly to passive speakers. That is because Bluetooth receivers are not designed to output large amounts of wattage. Rather, there the interconnecting element between the wireless signal which comes from your phone and an amplifier which is needed in order to connect passive speakers.

wireless Amphony speakers

All you need to do to make your existing speakers wireless is to …

Some Interesting Applications for Wireless Speakers

Let me showcase some neat applications for which wireless speakers are ideal even though they were never originally designed for these specific applications. A friend of mine is operating a disco. One of the problems that he has is that he is traveling frequently and he needs to set up the equipment from scratch whenever he goes to a new location. Obviously, setting everything up takes quite a while. One of the hassles has to do with running all the wiring between the different types of equipment. One major drag is running the speaker wiring. The problem is that some locations that he place at don’t easily allow running of long wires throughout the area. While it is not a big problem to connect the equipment on stage, it is more a problem of setting up the speakers. Obviously, only having speakers at the stage creates very high volume for people who were near the stage but less volume for people who were farther away.

cordless outdoor speakers

Therefore, I recommend it for him to use wireless speakers. The new set up is as follows: there a number of wireless speakers, at least four, set up throughout the room. The minimum configuration …

Some Tips for Reducing Speaker Cable Clutter

Cable clutter is one of the most common undesirable phenomena of modern technology. It seems that every consumer electronics device nowadays has some sort of cord. The power cords are usually quite similar between different devices. However, many consumer devices come with an external power supply instead of integrating the power supply inside the product. That is often easy for the manufacturer because the product itself doesn’t have to be safety approved. Also, it is easy to ship different types of power supply to different countries. The problem is that wallwart power supplies deliver many different types of voltages. Also, they have many different types of plugs. That means that a wallwart power supply from one device most likely is not going to be usable on another product.

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It gets even worse when it comes to signal cables. Signal cables are designed to carry data, audio, video and other electronic signals. Some types of cables are fairly well standardized such as you speak cables. However, other types of cables are usually quite diverse. It starts with the cable itself and ends with the cable having different plugs on each side. If you have a set up a desktop computer you …

The Look at Some Drawbacks of Wireless Speakers

Manufacturers of wireless speakers promise freedom by not having to run long speaker wires. Just imagine being able to set up speakers all over your house and not having to read about how the music is going to get to the speakers. It seems like magic. However, as the saying goes, some things are too good to be true. And wireless speakers are no exception. In fact, there are quite a few drawbacks that you have to consider when purchasing wireless speakers versus regular speakers. This post I’m going to look at some of the main problems that wireless speaker models face.

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One of the biggest problems with wireless speakers is the fact that the signal itself is being transmitted wirelessly. That means there are all sorts of problems if you have other devices transmitting at the same frequency as your transmitter. Let me explain what I mean by that. By law, companies are restricted to using specific frequency bands in order to transmit their signals. These frequency bands are fairly small and used by large number of wireless devices. Such devices include wireless networks, cordless telephones and baby monitors. Obviously there will be a fair amount of congestion within …