Excerpt – That Damn Wine. WARNING: Adult Content

The sequel to my bestselling trashy romance, Tell Me You Want Me, is coming December 1!

A shiver ran down the back of Jane’s neck. Evil danced in Austin’s eyes as he grinned down at her, waiting, lurking like a dark predator ready to pounce. Mmm… she’d give in to that even without the wine. She rolled onto her stomach, and he yanked her panties down and tucked them under the curve of her butt. “Oh God.”

“That’s right. You know what’s coming.” He got on his knees and trapped her thighs between his. “You know I’m gonna fuck you till you squeal.”

Her exposed nipples brushed the cool tile, heating her skin. She whimpered as he pinned her body to the floor with his and grabbed a handful of her hair. His cock invaded her helpless flesh    , seeking and taking.

He leaned down and nipped her shoulder, squashing her under him. “Till you squirm.”

“Do it.” She wriggled and gasped for breath. The man was making a show of tormenting her, and he appeared to be in no hurry to end it.

He laughed. “This is your favorite way to get laid because you have no control.”

He’s got that right. How’d they end up here anyway? She’d only stopped by to get some clean clothes, and now she lay beneath his naked body, confined by her panties and his vice-grip thighs. That damn wine.

She rose up on her hands, but slipped on sweaty palms as he rocked, crushing her with demanding strokes. Her entire body buzzed while he thrust, building waves of pleasure on her, each one enhanced by the potent wine and tainted with confusion. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It’s a little late for that, sweetheart.” He slammed in deep, holding her thighs between his as he made his point.

Why not let him have his way? They still loved each other. She didn’t want anyone else. Are you sure?

“God no!” She cried out and pounded her fist on the floor. No! No one else. Especially not now with her whole life spinning like a blender. Not even Austin. “Stop!”

“Like hell.” He twisted his fist in her hair.

She knew he’d ignore her, but saying it let her cling to the one wisp of control slipping from her grasp. “Then finish.” But she didn’t want that either.

“No, baby. You’ll finish when I want you to.”

She’d expected that too. When had he gotten predictable?

Austin slid his hand along the floor and wedged it under her, groping her breast. Jane let out a squeal as he pinched her nipple and laughed. “No one else knows you so well.” He breathed ragged in her ear. “No one else can love you like I do.”

No one else? Had she said that out loud? “What?”

“You’re mine, Janie.” He growled and fell on her back.

She gasped and pressed her burning cheek to the floor. Does he know about Finn?

Tell Me You Want Forever available everywhere December 1!

More Heat than You can Handle #Giveaway

My latest trashy romance, Home is Where the Heat Is, started a month-long blog tour this week. I’ve posted the schedule below. Follow along and help me get this book exposed. ;) Three different excerpts will be featured, AND I’m giving away chocolate. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a signed, limited edition (original cover) copy of Heat. The giveaway is open internationally, so tell your friends!

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September 16: Mia Downing
September 16: From Me to You … Video, Photography, and Book Review
September 17: Romance Novel Giveaways
September 17: Underneath the Covers
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Trashy’s Man Candy Collection #TBT

I’m having technical difficulties with my blog, and I’m not getting much help from my host *cough* Go Daddy sucks *cough*. I can’t upload new pics, but I can post the ones that are already in my media library. So instead of posting new man candy, here’s a collection of previous hotties. Call it a man candy #ThrowbackThursday.

Eliot Spencer Studio Job17Christian Kane.

ian somerhalder4Ian Somerhalder.

jaredleto47Jared Leto

Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki

Wet-Alex-Skarsgard-Eric-Northman-true-blood-4143290-271-394Alexander Skarsgaard

john-stamosJohn Stamos.

jason-momoa-shirtless-3Jason Momoa.

And a few bonus hotties I found in my library.

Duncan MacLeod The HighlanderAdrian Paul

Jamie no shirtSam Heughan.

O'ConnellBrendan Fraser.

And I just had to post my favorite villains.


Lindsey McDonald31 AlexLindsey!

Enjoy! :)

Two Trashy Favorites You may be Missing

Once you know my writing pattern, you’ll know how to look for upcoming releases. ;)

I’ve been attending RomCon as an author for the last two years, and my favorite event has been the book signings. I bring copies of all my books so people who’ve never read my work ask which one I’d recommend. Two years ago, I told them Tell Me You Want Me was my most popular book, but Secret Storm was my favorite. Most people chose both, but those who could only afford to buy one chose Secret Storm.

With the exception of The Twisted Mosaic, I don’t write series. I love writing men, so all of my books have at least two guys, and I inevitably end up falling in love with the hero’s best friend and give him his own book. That’s how Secret Storm came to be. My readers loved Austin and sent Tell Me tearing up the bestseller lists, but many of them don’t seem to know about Jack’s book. It’s my favorite because Jack appeals to me on so many levels. He’s got long hair (my favorite fetish), he’s a powerful running back, a devoted friend, a charming date, and a skilled lover. His scars, both physical and emotional, run deep. I want to take him home and make it all better. And I’m not the only one:

“Where are the “Jack”s in the world? This man was delicious, and needs to come home with me!” ~ Cate O’Brien

“Oh Jack! Damn he’s hot!” ~Heather Cox

If you loved Tell Me and haven’t read Secret Storm, find out what you’re missing.

3D-SecretStormLast year, I told readers about my new favorite, Home is Where the Heat Is. (Shh, don’t tell Jack.) That book came from a female character Twisted readers fell in love with. Claire, Alex’s assistant, needed a good man. I found not one hot guy for her, but two. Heat is my favorite book because JT and Kurt help Claire live out my most decadent fantasy: being spoiled and pampered in every way we could image. And I have a damn good imagination. Yes, I’ve got two guys again, and Alex and Will play significant roles in Claire’s adventure.

Since I’ve made the first book in the Twisted Mosaic free, the entire series is taking off, but many readers don’t know about Claire, JT, and Kurt’s threesome. That’s right. I said threesome. Maybe that scares some readers off, but the Twisted series is MFM and much darker than Heat, so if you can handle Alex, Talia, and Will’s demons, Claire’s over indulgence should be an appealing escape.

“If you like erotic, fun reads…pick up this book…like now!” ~Keshia R

“…for pure heart and fuel for the imagination this book is my favorite.” ~Gaele

It’s my favorite too. But wait, I still love Jack. Dammit, I can’t choose. And now you know why I love writing ménage. Take a chance on JT and Kurt in Home is Where the Heat Is because the book I’m writing now is all about the second M in Claire’s MFM.

homeheat3DtransparentOh, and in case you haven’t heard, my upcoming release is the sequel to Tell Me You Want Me. Tell Me You Want Forever brings more of Austin and Jane’s romance and introduces Finn Munro. Remember that name. You’ll be seeing him again.

Twice the Trashy Cover Reveal – and a FREE Book!

Today I have not one but two gorgeous covers to expose. My most popular book, Tell Me You Want Me, has a new cover! The original cover was beautiful, but in recent months I’ve been seeing that couple on dozens of other books. I want to stand out, so I’m doing something different.

And here’s the cover for the long-awaited sequel, Tell Me You Want Forever, releasing December 1, 2014.

Both new covers and the original were designed by Mallory Rock.

And... Her Twisted Pleasures, the first book in my MFM erotica series, is now FREE!

(I can’t seem to upload pictures, so please click the links. Thanks!)

Trashy Does a Day Job

Remember that black cloud I thought I’d escaped? It’s baaaaack! That’s right, the dreaded day job has cast its shadow over me once again. But this time I see a silver lining.

1. It’ll relieve a lot of stress. Writing for a living had become a chore. I constantly worried about sales, Amazon ranks, and promotion. Now that I have a steady income, I can write for fun again.

2. It’s a boring job, but it won’t take over my life, and it’ll fuel my need for escape, which is what drives me to write trash.

3. I feel so much better about myself now. Getting rejected for months really dragged me down. No matter how good the interview went—and I had some great ones—there was always someone better than me. I interviewed for this job in the morning, and I got the offer later the same afternoon. I needed that.

This might totally screw up my writing schedule, but I’m confident I’ll find a way to deal with it.

And on that note, let me share some sunshine.

I have a new cover for Tell Me You Want Me AND the cover for its sequel, Tell Me You Want Forever!

I need help releasing them. If you have a blog and would like to post both, let me know. Haven’t chosen a date yet. I’m waiting for the Tell Me cover to upload, so it’ll probably in the next week or so. Comment or send me an email if you’d like to help.

Everyone who participates will be given an ARC of Tell Me You Want Forever, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for some trashy chocolate!

Trashy chocolate!
Trashy chocolate!

Send me back to the office with a bang! ;)

 Tell Me You Want Forever coming 12/1/2014.

Trashy’s Man Candy – Jason Momoa

Today we heard that Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Batman was my favorite superhero growing up, but I don’t know much about Aquaman except that the Big Bang Theory Guys make fun of him.

But I think if this guy saddles up that seahorse, he’s gonna be pretty badass.

jason-momoa-shirtless-11Scary sexy.

jason_momoa_CdIz0Have I mentioned I have a thing for eyebrows? Especially when they’re scarred.

jason-momoa-shirtless-3Aloha sexy.

jason momoaBarbarian sexy.

jason-momoa-shirtless-hawaii-02Surfer sexy.

Trashy’s New Thrill

I write for erotic romance fun and pleasure. There’s no message, no deep meaning. Just enjoy it. No strings attached. I had no idea my words meant anything to anyone until I got this email last night:

“Dear Amelia,

I just want to thank you for your incredible stories! Your writing helped me discover my sexual side and what it’s like to experience self pleasure. I know I wouldn’t have been successful without your writing. I fell in love with Tell Me You Want Me and The Devil Made Me Do It is my go to for “inspiration.” I never get tired of it.

Please please write another compilation of short stories, like The Devil Made Me Do It, it’s truly incredible.

Thank you again, C.” (Shared with permission.)

Wow. My writing helped someone! But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I wrote the stories in The Devil Made Me Do It over several years while I was exploring my sexuality. They helped me, but I never expected anyone to get anything but a thrill from them. So this is something new for me.

I wrote back to C and told her I’m currently writing the sequel to Tell Me You Want Me. But what I didn’t tell her is that I’ve been feeling kinda burned-out lately. Selling the house, moving, settling in to a new place, and looking for a new job—pretty much all at the same time—took a lot out of me. Writing has been a struggle, and meeting my deadline looked impossible. Sales have been absolutely horrible this summer, and I’ve wondered whether or not I should give it up.

But I won’t because of readers like this. Now that I know there are people who have shared my experience, I know I can’t stop writing. I may never hear from anyone else, but I don’t need to. Writing for someone’s secret pleasure—and mine—is thrilling enough.

Tell Me You Want Forever IS coming December 1, 2014!

Slut-shaming – it’s no joke

Many of my Facebook friends are romance and erotica fans like me so my timeline is often filled with man candy pics and dirty humor. I like it. Last week I found this little joke. slutI found this one funny because I have this:

2014-07-08 08.22.53But then a few posts later, I saw this one, and while I liked the analogy, it left me feeling uncomfortable. One was funny, but two felt like a trend and not in a good way.

slut2I know many women think a slut is a bad thing, but I reclaimed the word a long time ago. It’s an acronym: Sexually Liberated Unashamed/Uninhibited Temptress. Sara Jensen, from Secret Storm, is a proud S.L.U.T. and Jack loves her for it. So why the backlash against women who enjoy sex?

This is nothing new, and I’m not doing anything groundbreaking by writing about it.  I’ve been complaining about the problem for too long. It’s time for me to become part of the solution. How?

I’ll no longer be silent.  I’m done with that stuff. I’d love for everyone to agree with me and support my ideas about sex, but I know that’s not realistic or even healthy. Sex is highly personal. What turns me on may repulse you, but that’s okay.  No judgments, no shaming, no bad jokes. I’m open to questions and criticism because it makes me think. Discussion makes us learn. Let’s listen to each other.

And if you’re interested, I’ll tell you how I got my lipstick. ;)

Trashy as a Horrible Warning

Or Home is Where the Heat Is cover re-reveal. Ta-da!

home heat new

I hate rules. I hate following the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing. Many times I’ll purposely avoid a trend just because it is a trend. But in my quest to be unique, I strayed too far from the ideas that define the romance genre, and I failed. Hard.

I went to RomCon 2014 last weekend with 20 copies of Home is Where the Heat Is paperbacks. I’d sold almost 30 copies of my books homeheat coverlast year, so I worried that I didn’t have enough this time. But as the book signing came to a close, I still had a table stacked with books, and the event confirmed what I already suspected. Heat’s unique cover was a fail. I sold two copies, but most people overlooked it. I sold all the books with sexy covers, but no one was interested in Heat and one person, who’d won it as a prize, said she wouldn’t have picked it up and advised me to change it. Another woman asked if it was historical or fantasy. Dammit.

Something had to change, so I gave in to the genre’s demands.

But not entirely. The biggest reason I left the typical sexy couple, hot shirtless man cover behind was because everyone was doing it. And in indie publishing, we were all using the same images. I’ve seen the couples featured on Tell Me You Want Me, Secret Storm, and Their Twisted Love on several other books, and it broke my heart every time. I’ve taken a lot of risks this year, and most of them have gone down in flames. My friends said they’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, so I figure if I can’t be a good example, I’ll be a horrible warning. JT would be proud of me. ;)

What people are saying about Home is Where the Heat Is:

Shopgirl353: “…erotica with an actual plot and excellent storytelling.”

Gaele: “…for pure heart and fuel for the imagination this book is my favorite.”

Paula P: “…plenty of HOT HOT HOT scenes in this book.”

Becca: “…it’s a whole other level of erotica. Permanent spot on my shelf for this one.”

Keshia R: “If you like erotic, fun reads…pick up this book…like now!”

Home is Where the Heat Is—with its new erotic romance cover—is available everywhere.