Excerpt – Hammer in my toolbox (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverJT kept up the excruciating pace, driving Claire to a clawing frenzy and hitching a ride along with her. Anything I want. He wanted to make her squeal, make her cling to him, sweating and swearing. He wanted to give her the attention she craved, and he wanted love like no one else ever had.

But he couldn’t tell her all of that, not now, not in this heated moment with his brain half-fried and his body teetering on the edge of oblivion. And not when he still had so much to lose. So he’d show her as much as he could.

“I want it slow.” He pulled out a sliver at a time.

“Mmm….” She arched into him.

“I want it hard.” He shoved his hips into hers.

She gasped and shuddered. “Don’t stop.”

“And I want it rough.” He slammed their bodies on the stairs, wincing at the bruising pain. “You’re gonna feel that in the mornin’.”

“Ow yes!” She dug her fingernails into his ass and pounded back.

His entire body ached, with the most intense need rooted in his cock. Tongues of flame licked his skin, whipping up an inferno. Ah, but he couldn’t finish yet. He’d tested her patience and pushed his to the limit. And she’d said all night. If nothing else, he wanted to give her that. Now. Tonight.

He flicked his tongue in her ear. “Come for me.” Maybe if he got her off hard enough, she wouldn’t notice he hadn’t come. Her pussy throbbed and tightened around him. Oh shit, I’m gonna lose it. He slipped one hand under her ass, digging in to the hot mound while he twisted his fingers in her hair and nibbled the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Oh. Oh!” Her body trembled and he drove in deep, counting each nail in the staircase under them, remembering pounding them in one at a time.

Pounding. Not helping.

But she came fast, gashing his shoulders with her fingernails as she squealed. Sweat dripped from her skin as she clamped her legs around his. “Fuck me with a hammer,” she groaned.

Hearing his favorite curse on her lips made him laugh, and he won the battle with his cock. “There’s a hammer in my tool box.”

“I like the one between your legs.”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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Excerpt – Exposing her (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverHe glanced around the room, then stood up and held his hand out to her. “I got an idea.” He pulled her to her feet, and then dragged an overstuffed chair to face the front picture window.

“What are you doing?”

“I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to watch you.” He pulled the curtains back with a dramatic sweep. A leafless Aspen tree blocked most of the light from the street lamp on the corner, and the house across from hers remained dark.

Claire jumped back and grabbed the nearest article of clothing—JT’s leather jacket—and held it over her bare breasts. “Are you nuts? We can’t fuck here!”

He walked in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass and crossed his arms over his chest. The darkness outside reflected his naked ass onto the window. “As good as a mirror.”

“I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom. We can fuck in front of that.”

He shook his head. “You love being on display. Here’s your chance to see and be seen.”

“I never should’ve told you about that.”

“You never did, Rebel.” He sat down in the chair and spread his legs, thrusting his hard cock upright.

“Don’t call me that.”

“It fits you, Claire.” He stroked himself, first with one hand, then two. “And so does this.” He cast a glance at his erotic reflection.

His dick fit her pussy, no doubt about that, but the strategically placed chair and the wide-open window filled her craving for attention. The street lay silent outside. Nothing moved. Nothing blinked. If no one would see, then why not close the curtains? Maybe. Possibly. Did she need anything more? Her blood boiled over, mixing steaming cauldrons of rage and fear with simmering pools of want.

Fear spoke up first. “Someone could walk by… recognize me.”

“If anyone sees us, they won’t be looking at our faces.”

She bit back a laugh. Countless men had ogled her body without looking twice at her smile, but JT’s gaze locked on hers, challenging her to let go of her inhibitions and indulge. A long sleeve drooped to her knees as she loosened her grip and swept her hair behind her ear.

JT grinned at her bare thighs. “That jacket doesn’t cover everything, you know.”

She flung the useless leather aside, and a surge of pride welled up inside her as he tightened his grip on his cock. She stood between his legs with her back to the window, but he caught her hips as she tried to sit on his lap.

“Nope. This way.” He turned her body, exposing her nudity to the quiet darkness. “Face yourself.”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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How Children’s Books Teach Us to be Terrible Writers #MondayBlogs

And why we need to read more of them.

Energizer Girl is sick again so I’m spending lots of mornings reading books to her. I’ve got a couple of favorites and a couple I want to toss in the trash and burn because they’re so badly written. But most of them follow a distinct pattern. If romance novels have a formula, children’s picture books have a definitive style. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

They repeat words – Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? (That would be me.) My number one rule of writing is never to use the same word twice in one sentence, paragraph, and sometimes on the same page. Children’s books repeat the same word over and over and over… until my brain goes numb. This is an effective method for teaching vocabulary, but it’s a bad habit for a writer.

They use too many dialogue tags – I’ve pretty much abandoned dialogue tags in my writing. (He said, she said, etc.) One of my daughter’s books is so loaded with ‘kid said, mommy said’ that I skip them when I read it to her. Children being read to need this device for clarity, but adults have developed the ability to infer from context. I’ve learned to shake this bad habit and use the character’s actions to show who’s speaking.

They use weak verbs –The above-mentioned books I want to burn are loaded with was, were and other non-action verbs (along with tense-shifts, practical impossibilities, and terrible sentence construction). My publisher calls these state of being verbs (SOBs), and my editor slashes them mercilessly. Children benefit from this simple, direct approach. Cutting the weak links from your sentences adds the excitement adult readers crave.

We grow up reading repeated words, dialogue tags, and weak verbs, so when we start writing, that’s what we use. So why not burn all the children’s books? Because the really good ones do more than teach us basic reading and writing skills.

They teach us about differences between people. Giraffes Can’t Dance, one of my favorite books, says, “Sometimes when you’re different, you just need a different song.” I’ll read that book to my daughter over and over and over until she learns how to find her song.

Sometimes-when-youreThey teach us about our world. The dialogue tag overkill book tells how a rainbow is made. Simple, direct, and smart. Look for a rainbow the next time a storm passes. What colors do you see? And that leads me to my favorite lesson.

They teach us how to imagine. Bridge to Terabithia. Cinderella. Snow White. Peter Pan. These stories and others sparked my imagination long before I started writing. Reading to my daughter keeps that flame alive.

Imagination makes us great writers.

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Join my trashy street team! We have chocolate.

facebook cover street teamAnd I’m a bit brain dead because I woke up at 3am thinking about this. But hey, here’s how it works:

If you do these things for me… (a.k.a The Rules)
*You must be 18+ to be a member of this group. Adult content will be present, whether or not it’s mature is debatable.
*Please share my posts about new releases, sales, giveaways (unless it’s exclusive to the street team), and other book related info. Participation is always voluntary and highly appreciated. See benefits below.
*Please don’t add people without their knowledge or consent. Invite them. Thanks.
*Please do not spam members with links to someone else’s books or blogs. This group is about readers connecting with me and each other. Please set up your own forum for your own work.
*Please post all the pics you want, but no nudity. Not because I don’t like it. I love naked, but I’ve been a member of other groups that have posted naked pics, and they got reported and shut down. I’d hate to have that happen to us. Also, no pictures of violent acts. Or spiders.
*Profanity, however, is encouraged.

I’ll do this for you (a.k.a Member Perks)
*Exclusive giveaways
*First access to ARCs, cover reveals, excerpts, and upcoming release news.
*Chocolate will be involved.

You can find our home on Facebook. Please join me and help share the trashy goodness!

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How Trashy Uses Her Men

Every time I write a male secondary character, he ends up getting his own book. Sometimes I do that intentionally, but usually I fall in love with the guy and can’t let him go. This happened with Jack, who first appeared as Austin’s best friend in Tell Me You Want Me. Before I’d finished with Austin, I’d fallen for Jack, so I gave him the woman of his dreams in Secret Storm.

When I started writing the Tell Me sequel, Tell Me You Want Forever, I created a guy to tempt Jane. I’m only on chapter ten, but he did his job so well that I’ve already got plans for his book. So yeah, I’m deliberately using him.

Kurt, who will appear in my upcoming release, Home is Where the Heat Is, stole my heart as well. I’m not surprised. The geek is based on my own personal IT guy. I don’t have a story for him yet, but if my readers want one, I’ll make sure they get it.

Heat releases May 19 and it’s the first time a secondary female made the trip to her own book. Claire makes her first appearance in Their Twisted Love, and she has a major trashy role in His Twisted Choice. The entire series is available now on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Smashwords and pretty much anywhere else you want to look for it. The first book, Her Twisted Pleasures, is 99 cents.

Including today, there are 56 days until release day. That’s plenty of time to read the entire Twisted Mosaic and the bonus stories in the omnibus. I hope it’ll spark your interest in Claire, JT, and Kurt (yes, three ;) ). If you want to feel the Heat, start with some Twisted Pleasures.

The Twist Mosaic

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What Ménage Romance is Really About

I’m terrible at making decisions, especially when choosing between two things I like. This is so appealing, but that’s tempting, too. I’ll take… dammit! Why can’t I have both? And that’s how my ménage romance series, The Twisted Mosaic, came to life.

There are many ways to write a ménage sex scene: two bi women and a man (FFM), two straight women and a man (FMF) two bi men and a woman (MMF), multiple combinations of four (ménage a quatre), but my personal favorite is two straight men and a woman (MFM). My Twisted series and its soon to be released follow-up, Home is Where the Heat Is, feature the MFM arrangement. Having two men is a top 5 female fantasy (and my #1).

Mmm no, I’ve got better things for them to do. ;) But this isn’t far off. I suspect the MFM fantasy is less about sex than it’s about a woman being the center of attention— about her getting spoiled and pampered for a change.

Even before I became a mom, I spent my life serving others as a wife or an assistant in an endless number of dead end jobs. Since I’ve become a mom, my life of service has become even more demanding. When is it my turn? MFM romance appeals to so many because it’s all about the woman—me.

The Twisted Mosaic was aroused by an entirely selfish desire to be served. I wrote few short stories about my two favorite fantasy men: one a bad boy and the other a wounded romantic. After I finished my romance novels, Tell Me You Want Me and Secret Storm (both featuring the above hero types in traditional MF relationships), I wanted to write something different, so I read through the MFM stories I’d written, thinking I’d choose one guy and focus on him.

But I couldn’t choose. I loved Alex’s evil inclinations, and I craved Will’s sensual devotion. My favorite changed from one minute to the next. How could I abandon one to please the other? So I didn’t. Instead, I created a woman who needed them both and had big enough balls to admit it without shame.

Talia’s selfishness is mine. She’s able to demand the attention I want… and she gets it. I can’t be that self-centered. My kid won’t let me. So I indulged my twisted pleasures through Talia and her two men.

It took three books to make that relationship work, and after I finished the series I swore I’d never write a threesome sex scene again. The logistics of who’s doing what to whom are a writer’s nightmare. I’ve got Will’s hand on Talia’s thigh. What is Alex doing? Which ‘he’ is touching her now? (Things I never learned in my creative writing classes.) Readers wanted to know more about Alex’s assistant Claire, another woman dedicated to serving, so I started writing a book for her. But wouldn’t you know it, she craved her turn, too. I’m subject to my character’s whims. She got it: Home is Where the Heat Is – May 19.

What’s with these women demanding fulfilling sex? I think it’s more than skin deep. Indulging in an MFM threesome, if only in fiction or fantasy, meets a need for a level of pleasure we often deny ourselves in order to care for someone else. I believe we need to take care of ourselves more often. I write romance and erotica as an escape—for me and my readers. I’m meeting a need. Wait… how’d I end up serving again?

The first book of The Twisted Mosaic, Her Twisted Pleasures, is only 99 cents everywhere!

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Now you can HEAR my trashy books! WARNING: Adult Content.

All of my trashy books are going to become audio books! Tell Me You Want Me and Her Twisted Pleasures are currently in production. I’ve posted excerpts below. They’re scheduled to be completed this summer with the rest of my collection coming later this year. They’re being narrated by the amazing Johanna Fairview. You can find more about her on Facebook and Twitter.

Warning: the following excerpts are NSFW. Don’t listen to them in front of the boss or the kids.


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Cheap Trash for your Reading Pleasure

My publisher has lowered the price on all my ebooks, but the most exciting news is that two of my steamiest titles are now just 99 cents!

To hook you on The Twisted Mosaic series, we just lowered (March 14, 2014) the eBook price to $0.99 for Her Twisted Pleasures, the first book in the series. The new lower price is already available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and will soon be available everywhere else. This is the book that knocked 50 Shades out of the #1 erotica spot on both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel for a few hours.

hertwistedpleasuresAnd if you need more enticing, my couples’ erotica anthology, The Devil Made Me Do It, is also $0.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and soon everywhere else.


So pick up my hottest books at an even hotter price. Enjoy! :)

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Outlander Absolved #MondayBlogs

Outlander commentary conclusion. Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

My life is full of demands and distractions. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book I couldn’t put down. I just don’t have the time. But I spent four consecutive hours finishing Outlander last week. That’s as close as unputdownable as I get.

My thoughts:

The arrangement between Colum, Letitia, and Dougal didn’t surprise me at all. I suspected those exact circumstances from the beginning. In fact, the practice is almost Biblical. If a man died without a male heir, his brother was allowed—expected even—to marry the widow and get the job done. So in my twisted mind, their deed is perfectly acceptable. How messed up am I? Too bad Dougal didn’t enjoy it more. He’s lucky they got a boy on the first try.

Dougal says he can’t do anything about getting Jamie out of prison? I call bullshit. The size of Scotsman’s (and women’s) balls are legendary. Hadrian’s Wall was built to keep the Scottish away from the Romans. (That’s my theory.) The pansy wants Jamie dead, and he’s only too happy to let the English do it for him.

I know Jamie won’t die because there’s seven more books coming, but I’m a nervous wreck. I hope Claire and Jamie have a detailed reunion, or I’m gonna be really frustrated.

Ahh… I needed that. ;)

Damn, Gabaldon takes the ‘torture your characters’ idea literally—and to the extreme. She did the worst things imaginable to Jamie, and she let you see him at his weakest point. I’m used to seeing heroes who never waiver, never crumble, but she made him human. And that is more appealing than a guy who can’t or won’t let you in.

When Outlander was released, all I heard about was Claire’s dual marriages. Why did I never hear about her absolution? My born again Christian friends should’ve been all over that. Maybe they never read that far. Or maybe I did hear about it, but I’d already closed my mind.

If I were reviewing this book, I’d give it 4.5 stars. It tends to drag in spots, and Gabaldon does a few things my editor would never let me get away with. I think there were enough sex scenes, but I would’ve spread them throughout the book instead of concentrating them in the first half. That’s a personal preference rather than a criticism. But a book that can pull me away from the chaos of my afternoon is going on my keeper shelf, and I’m sure the rest of the series will join it.

Conclusion: The original issue I had with Claire’s supposed adultery proved baseless pretty quickly. My only defense is that… nope. No defense. I learned to think for myself a long time ago, but there are still lessons I need to learn. But that’s okay, I love learning new things. If I ever get to the point where I think I know everything, I’m gonna have a problem.

Thank you for sticking with me. Here’s your reward.

Ooo… I get all squirmy listening to Sam/Jamie.

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The Day my Mom Found Out

Or how I outed my trashy self.

It happened on the same day I posted the cover for my upcoming release. While making dinner, I checked my email on my phone and found a reply to an email I’d sent my mom earlier: “Who is Amelia James?”

“Oh God.” Then the giggles hit. I panicked and posted on FB. “What do I do?” I got a lot of replies. Some along the lines of what I was thinking, some that made me laugh, but all 100% supportive. I wrote back to Mom and asked where she saw the name. And then I waited.

I hate waiting. All kinds of crazy shit went through my head. I got scared. I got angry. I imagined defending myself and my writing with some pretty choice words. Not knowing how she found out made my hands shake, and I wanted to puke.

She said the name was on the email I’d sent from my phone, but I couldn’t see it anywhere. Hubs and I did some test emails, and we discovered that I’d changed my name to Amelia James on my business email and my phone changed it on my personal email too. Dammit Hardison! I replied back with the word weird (from my phone again, idiot) and left it at that.

But I knew I had to ‘fess up. My secret identity was failing and I needed to be the one to tell her. So I wrote another email.

Amelia James is my pen name, and I write romance novels, the steamy kind you used to take away from me. I didn’t tell you because I knew you wouldn’t like them. I’m sorry I lied to you about my work. I told you most of the truth. I am editing. I just didn’t tell you the books I’m editing are mine.

I’m doing well. I have a good publisher, and my books are selling well. One of my books even knocked Fifty Shades out of the #1 spot on Amazon for a few hours. I’ve wanted to share my success with you so many times, but I didn’t think you would approve.

So you probably want to know why I chose to write trashy romance. Honestly, it chose me. Sex was a big dirty secret when I was growing up. You didn’t volunteer information, and I didn’t ask questions. The church told me to wait, but no one bothered to explain why. Reading romance became my escape and writing it is my therapy. And to tell you the truth, I enjoy it. I never got to enjoy exploring when I was young because I was made to feel ashamed. I’m not ashamed anymore.

I’m not asking for your approval. I’m an adult and this is my choice. It’s not your fault. You are a great mom. I love writing about love and relationships and everything that goes along with them. And I’m good at it. I’m making a living doing what I love and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I chose my pen name to honor Dad. He spent his life doing what he loved, and I think he’d be proud of me for achieving my dream.

I don’t expect you to read my books, and I don’t want you to. They’re not your thing. I just wanted you to know who Amelia James is.

And I waited again. Hubs thought I shouldn’t have told her, but I got tired of hiding. I didn’t know what she’d say. I figured she’d feel like she’d failed and tell me she’d pray for me. Her actual response made me smile through tears. She said she’s proud of me. She was afraid I wasn’t writing and worried that I didn’t have a way to express myself. She knew she didn’t explain sex well to me or my sisters, but she wasn’t comfortable with it. And then she said she wants to read my books. Aaaaaaack! No no no no no! Now I’m a little weirded out that my mom might actually read the sex I’m writing.

So this is a rather anti-climactic ending, but I didn’t see it coming. And now I wonder if my Mom is the one who taught me to think for myself. I suspect this story isn’t over…. (It’s just getting started. Mom posted my pen name on her FB profile where all my conservative friends and family will see it. Here we go.)

And to everyone who helped me deal with this: thank you. Your support and encouragement is amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I am truly blessed.

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